Ink Progress

I am notoriously terrible at keeping dress diaries or recording the progress of garments. It was always my one of my least favourite elements of university assignments: when I get into the progress of creating something, I don’t want to continuously stop to record what I’m doing. I want to get absorbed and excited about the process, with no interruptions… Nevertheless, I sometimes manage to get a few phone snaps of the creation process, whether that be for instagram updates or to send to friends.  Ink was undoubtably my personal favourite out of all of my creations in 2015; it certainly wasn’t the most popular thing I made but it is most definitely the one I got the most satisfaction from. It’s a dramatic step forward for me in workmanship and in design.  So without further ado, here are some of my limited process photos; click the thumbnail to go through to the full colour image.

ink progress square 4 ink progress square 3ink progress square 2Ink progress square 1For the sake of clarity, the corset is twisting in the photo but this happens with all corsets with multipanelled construction courtesy of my wonky body. It also took over a week to wash the ink stains out of my hands – totally worth it. I’m working on some new bobbinet pieces this year (not just corsets!) which I hope to share with you in the near future!

And as ever, apologies for the silence… I promise this blog will be actively resurrected this year. I have so much content lined up (photoshoots finished, drafts written!) but it’s proving quite difficult to find the time away from the sewing machine to finish the posts!

Karolina xxx


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