Vintage Revival: The Kestos Bra

Kestos style silk bralet. Photo by K Laskowska
Kestos style silk bralet. Photo by K Laskowska

My last post may have given you a hint of my love for the Kestos bra; however, despite my love for them, I could never wear any of my vintage pieces on a regularly basis. I view them as an archive for the purpose of study and inspiration: something to be preserved rather than used up. Consequently, it brings me so much joy to see contemporary designers reimagine these classic vintage designs! Not only does it give everyone a chance to introduce these beautiful styles into their own wardrobes but technological advances into elastication and sewing machine possibilities make them vastly more comfortable to wear and much more accessible in price (I adore hand finishing, but the associated price tag makes it tricky to incorporate into lingerie on a regular basis!).

So without further ado: here are my current favourite picks of Kestos-inspired bralets!

Tempest Bralet by Evgenia Lingerie
Tempest Bralette by Evgenia Lingerie

The ‘Tempest’ bralette by Evgenia: available sizes S-L, $130 (USD)

From the adorable embroidered star French lace to the grosgrain trims, this piece bra has pride of place in my personal lingerie wardrobe: I was absolutely overjoyed to receive it in the Lingerie Secret Santa of 2014! The buttonhole elastic gives this style some extra flexibility in fit compared to the rouleau loops of the original Kestos style.

'Frankie' bra by Toru & Naoko
Toru & Naoko ‘Frankie’ bra

‘Frankie’ bra by Toru & Naoko: available sizes XS-XXXL + custom, $65 USD

A decidedly edgy take on the 1920s style, with a wonderfully seductive fishnet fabric and centre O-ring detail. Toru & Naoko have the most extensive size range on this list and even offer custom options if none of the standard options work for you.

'Carla' bra by Absolutely Pom
‘Carla’ bra by Absolutely Pom

‘Carla’ bra by Absolutely Pom: available sizes FR 85A-95B, 110 Euros

The mix of exquisite French lace and layered mesh make for a delicious contrast of textures and teasing sheers. Hooks and eyes at the centre back make for a more modern finish,

'Dirty BLVD Tri' Bra by Kiss Me Quick
Kiss Me Quick ‘Dirty BLVD Tri’ Bra

‘Dirty BLVD Tri’ bra by Kiss Me Quick: available sizes S-L, cups A-C, D-E. $65 AUD

Stretch lace and frilly trims make this bralet a decidedly sweet and flirty piece to add to your wardrobe: and at only $65 AUD it’s a bargain for an indie made lingerie piece!

Chantal Thomass 'Rendez-Vous' bralet. Photo by Nancy Meyer
Chantal Thomass ‘Rendez-Vous’ bralet. Photo by Nancy Meyer

‘Rendez-Vous’ bralet by Chantal Thomass: available sizes S-L, $195 USD

This decidedly luxurious interpretation of the Kestos bralet stole my heart long ago: it’s certainly the most faithful  reproduction of the original in its materials and relatively unflexible fit. French lace and exquisite silk binding are finished with delicious ribbonwork floral motifs, a wonderfully apt trim for a piece inspired by the 1920s.

'Rosaline' set by Karolina Laskowska
‘Rosaline’ set by Karolina Laskowska

‘Rosaline’ bralet by Karolina Laskowska: available sizes S-L, £150

And to finish this list off, here is my own personal interpretation of the Kestos bralet! This was a piece I’d dreamed about for years. When I managed to acquire this delicious design of French lace and the orchid print silk, this design was simply inevitable! The lace has been carefully placement cut on the matching knicker and gold plated components give it a deliciously luxe finish. I modernised the fit with adjustabled elastic and a slightly more curved bust point than the original styles. It’s certainly my absolute favourite design from my last collection!

What do you think of the Kestos shape? Which of these designs is your favourite?


3 thoughts on “Vintage Revival: The Kestos Bra

  1. Beyond lovely! Makes me wish I was a bit less heavy chested as my breast tend to weigh these types of pieces down haha.

    1. Sadly bralets are a bit limiting in the support that they can offer… I imagine at the height of their popularity it was only the small busted women that wore ‘Kestos’ styles, a lot of the larger pieces that I have from that era are of the ‘bandeau’ binding and flattening variety!

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